Recreational Dance Class Information

Twinkle Toes Combo Class

This class is available for our mini dancers ages 3-5. With a combination of Jazz/Acro/Ballet or Jazz/Tap/Ballet.


Ballet Foundations

We offer our Ballet foundation class to dancers ages 6-9. Ballet is an excellent foundation for all dancers.

Acrobatic Foundations

These classes are available to dancers at every age/level ranging from Junior to Senior. Acro is a dance favourite! Learn a broad range of technique and "tricks" while also furthuring balance, flexibility and strength.

Jazz Foundations

This Class is offered to dancers ages

6-9. Enjoy a high energy and fast paced class, while learning the highly technical and incredibly fun style of Jazz!

Jazz & Lyrical Fusion Class

This class is available for both intermediate dancers ages 10-12 or senior dancers ages 13+. This class is a favourite amoung our recreational dancers as it provides the high energy of a Jazz class with the emotion and sustained movements of Lyrical. Dancers are also able to participate in seperate dances in the year-end show!

Jazz & Tap Fusion Class

This Combo class is available for dancers ages 6-9. Fusion classes are divided into two 30 minute sessions (30 mins Jazz/30 mins Tap). Dancers are also able to Participate in two seperate dances in the year-end show! 


These classes are offered to dancers ages 10-12 or 13+. Contemporary is favoured amoung our intermediate and senior level dancers as its movement and choreography is often open to interpretation.


These classes are offered to dancers ages 6-9, 10-12 or 13+. Hip-Hop is a high energy class using current music and is often caller "street dance". Most dancers love this style of dance!

Musical Theatre

Love to perform? Love musicals and all things broadway? This class is for you!

All ages, levels and abilites welcome in this class!